I’m still here 😊

My last blog post was exactly four months ago. At that time I had slowly started missing out days, often many without really noticing it.

I wrote a blog for 180 days! Which was so important to me, and so beneficial as well.

I could be sad about not having continued every day since, but those factors were out of my control. Or moreover, I decided to prioritise other things, like sleep!, instead of blogging.

I’ve honestly written this exact post in my head so many times since, planning what I wanted to write, when I would get back to blogging. And so many other blogs have been created in my head, without ever been written out.

So, after a summer in front of the computer, it is quite ridiculous that this here is the time that I actually do it. Write again. In Thailand, writing this on my phone, which I do at half the speed I would on my computer.

Before, I was asked what I was up to today. My answer was this: “Nothing”.

How good it felt, to be able to say that, without really needing to think about it.

Room to breathe. To relax. To enjoy.

I’m not here to make any promises though, about upcoming blogs. Because I know that they might happen, and they might not.

I’m here in Koh Samui, for my 300 hr Universal yoga teacher training at Vikasa. It starts on Tuesday, and it will continue till the 1st of November, with only ONE day off! So I’ll tell you already, I won’t be blogging, or doing anything else, than simply doing yoga, studying, eating and sleeping.

Before this intense training starts I want to grab this opportunity to write a little bit. To clear my head.

I’ve actually been very good with journaling recently, and that will be my blog for the next weeks. Writing one page in my journal each morning before training starts, and when needed, during lunch and before bed as well. That is how I’ll keep a clear mind, while filling my brain up with so much information, and my muscles up with strength – and ultimately, fatigue as well.

After the training I plan to get back here and tell you about it. We’ll see if I’ll keep that promise.

I’ve been on Thailand since Sunday, both in Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. It has been lovely.

Here are a few pictures from my days here, though I’m actually very lazy with my phone here and usually keep it in my room all the time. The next six weeks will be no different 😊

Thank you for reading – and I wish you all the best ❤️

A reason to live in Thailand: I can paint my house in my colour!
Thailand can be so magically random!
A different kind of path between the trees.
Here, wisdom is written on coconuts.

180/365: Freedom!

Today, I finished the last two assignments in my master’s! Now, I “only” have my thesis left, and therefore no deadlines that control how I live my life!

I feel so free, and like I can do anything.

So what did I do?

I showered.

I vacuumed the house.

I cleaned the kitchen.

I took the trash out.

And I cleared the downloads folder on my computer!

Yes, it does sound like mundane things. But when I asked myself what I wanted to do, this is what happened.

And now, I’m laying in bed with a book.

I plan to finish it. And then fall asleep.

Because freedom is having all the time you want to read a book, in quiet.

Good night ❤️

P.s. As of right now, I’ve written this blog for half a year! And meditated daily for the same amount of time. Woop woop! 😁😁😁

179/365: Pajama day

Today was a wonderful day off.

If it had been sunny, I can promise you that I would have biked across the city, gone swimming, done minigolf and all kinds of other energetic, fun things.

Instead, it was windy, and pouring rain. And I´m soooo grateful for it.

I have my cousins this weekend, and after those little angels allowed me to sleep in, they said something like “I don´t want to leave the house at all today”. And we decided that it should be a pajama day!

We made pancakes. And enjoyed being here, with nowhere to go.

I suggested that we´d go and get pizza for dinner and one of them moaned “then we´ll need to get dressed!!” – and I´m happy that those kids where thinking the exact same thing I was.

Still, we went to get pizza. And ice cream. And then we watched Tangled (my all time favourite “new” Disney movie!). It was so wonderful.

And then I red them to sleep. Reading to children is one of my favourite things. I love reading, I love children, I love children´s literature – it is the perfect combination.

Actually, I´d still read children´s literature, even though there would be no children there – and often find myself looking through picture books in book stores and libraries.

And after they went to sleep, I´ve been studying. I can happily say that I am very close to finishing my very last assignment! I´m gonna sleep on it, read it tomorrow and hand it in. That and some reflections, and I´m done with all courses in my master´s degree.

So life is nothing but happiness right now, and I can´t help but wonder if the 12 hours I slept are contributing to my wonderful mood at the moment. And I´m back to writing blogs!

Now, it´s time for sleep.

I hope that the rain will also pour down on you soon enough, making you slow down a little and enjoy the small things in life. Because ultimately, the small things are the big things.

178/365: Failure?

So, it seems that I haven´t written a blog since Monday?

And the strangest thing is, that I didn´t even realize this till right before I fell asleep last night.

And then I waited for it. Waited for the feeling, feeling like I was a complete and utter failure.

Waited for the shame. The disappointment. At least some negative feelings to arrive.

And they didn´t! Which was a pleasant surprise.

Because, honestly, does it matter?

There has been a very clear reason for why I haven´t even been able to think about blogging the past days – I´ve been sleeping and working – that is all.

I´m barely keeping my meditation streak, by doing a relaxation right before bed.

And I´m happy. Happy to have reached this point.

Happy to love myself enough, to know that I am enough, no matter if I “fail” at times.

I´m happy to be me.

177/365: Tired day!

Today was wonderful and so tiring! I landed at 6:30 this morning after staying awake the entire flight, and got to sleep after I got home home till noon.

Then, I went to get a massage (my friend is a masseuse that needs the practice!). Then, I taught outdoor yoga, went swimming with my friends, and ate a delicious dinner.

And now it’s time for bed! I’m actually surprised that I stayed up this long – thanking Netflix for that help!

Good night 😘

176/365: Boarding!

No blog post yesterday and a super short one right now!

Minnesota has been wonderful, and I’ll throw some pictures in here before I board my plane back home 😊

Now its time to say goodbye to all my trees!

175/365: Fortune cookie wisdom

A busy day is coming to an end, and all I want is a bath, and in bed with a book. Therefore, this blog post will be the bare minimum!

Yesterday, I got my first ever fortune cookie! And I will have to say, it speaks the truth!!

And of course, more trees!

Good night, my lovelies!

174/365: Last day of PE

Today was the last day of observing parenting education classes. And once again, it was super interesting.

This class was focused on how your personality and personality of their partner influences their parenting and their child.

Then, we went to lunch with the administrators of ECFE, which was lovely.

And of course, the day ended in the mall (last time, I swear), Target and dinner and chat with my friends!

And I continue to be amazed by the trees!

And the tiny libraries, everywhere!

173/365: More parenting

Today, I observed three parenting education classes, that were all very interesting. The highlight of the day, however, was a class for parents with 12-18 month old children, and the subject was co-parenting. The parents discussed how having children has affected the relationship they have with their significant other. This is something that interests me immensely, and I want to teach from as early as before conception!

Understanding how having a baby will affect you, and your relationship with your partner, I believe is crucial to having a smoother transition into parenthood. There are some things to discuss, some reflecting on your own upbringing to be done, and so much more, that will affect they way you parent – and the way your partner parents. Having that conversation early on could prevent some real struggles, when you already have everything over your head with the arrival of a new baby.

I am amazed, to say the least. And I was happy to see that the parents got handouts when they left, on the five love languages!

I´m getting more and more confident every day that I chose the right path for myself. It makes me very happy.

Tomorrow will be our last day observing classes, this has moved by so fast!

Thank you for sticking with me.

172/365: An almost relaxed day

Today, I had one ECFE (early childhood family education) meeting after lunch, called Family literacy, which is an English course for immigrant parents, integrated with parent education, which was quite interesting.

Before that however, I finally got some progress in on my last assignment, seeing a way to make it much simpler, and not feeling overwhelmed anymore!

And then, Target!

That´s it! Now it´s late, and I´m tired!

Also, I´m enjoying some time with my fellow students.

So I´ll cut this blog short!